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Sleeping Newborn

Vanessa Godwin's Feedback Page


Hello Vanessa!  We appreciate your being

a part of the Heart Productions Team



These two sessions, for the Williams and Saenz families, had an average sale value of $413.51 , $62.78 Av Tip and Av estimated videographer compensation of $186.33

Room for improvement

During post partum sessions, incorporating video footage with loving moments including Mom and the rest of the family interacting with the baby can help the production team create commemorative videos that are even more heart warming. 

Spotlight Videos

What we love about this post partum video

This post partum session really captures the joy and emotion this family experienced as they welcome the baby. There are precious moments with mom, dad, the sisters and even a memorable closing photo with the extended family. Great Stuff!

What we love about this Birth Video

This birth video showcases a variety of baby loving moments with dad, mom, and the couple. No doubt, a real family treasure.

Customer Reviews

Our photographer was very sweet and made sure we understood how the process would work beforehand and did a great job of following up with us without any added pressure.

’m really particular about photography but thought the photographer did an amazing job of capturing important moments and showing “just enough”.

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