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September 2022 Videographer Contest Rules



September's contest will set the stage for competitive fun. This contest will focus on impactful moments with MOM.  Below there are a few examples, but be creative! There will be both individual prizes and a team prize!  

Contest Rules

Contest Duration: Month of September, 2022


There are 5 possible points per session


You earn points by: 
1 point | Minimum 30 Photos (in focus, non duplicate, black and white version of the same photo does not qualify) 
1 point | 6 Minimum Clips (10 seconds minimum, in focus)
2 points | Impactful Mom and Baby clip in post partum or delivery (10 seconds minimum)
1 Point | Mom and baby photo

* The videographer with the highest average points wins. 

Contest Prizes / Rewards

1st place: $250
2nd place: $150
3rd place: $75

The winning city gets $100 per Videographer

Delivery Room Mom & Baby Clip Examples

Post Partum Mom & Baby Clip Examples

Leaderboard Statistics

Se contest leader board here

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