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Introducing In-40DAYS!

The perfect photo & video session time-tailored to showcase the beauty of both baby and mom in the best possible light.

We understand that childbirth can be a physically and emotionally exhausting experience for both mother and child. Post-birth, babies' faces may appear red, swollen and a little deformed, while moms are left feeling overwhelmed with emotions and responsibilities.
That's why we offer a 40-day period for mom and baby to relax and recover, giving them the time needed for their physical and mental aspects to fall back into place.

Why In-40DAYS?

With over 200,000 moms in our portfolio, specializing in birth, newborn, and catering photos & films, we've picked up a few tricks on the best ways/time to capture mom and baby in the perfect light. Trust us, we know how to make your moment shine! Here's why In-40dAYS:


Your Baby's Best Face:

In the first 40 days after birth, your baby's face can be red, swollen, and slightly deformed. By scheduling a photo session for your baby 40 days after birth, you will capture your baby's face at its best. All the swelling and redness will have subsided, and your newborn will be more relaxed and calm, allowing for beautiful photos that truly capture the essence of your little one's beauty.


Family Bonding:

The photo session 40 days after birth can also be a chance for the whole family to come together and celebrate the new addition. Assembling the baby and capturing images together during the session is a fun way to create long-lasting family memories. All members of the family will realize how strong the bond can be, and the pictures taken can pass through generations.


Mom's Adjustment:

Birth is a monumental event for any mother, and it is only right that this moment be captured in films & photos. However, it's important to remember that childbirth can be an emotionally tumultuous time, not all mothers feel comfortable being photographed immediately after giving birth. By opting for a film/photo session 40 days after birth, you will have had time to adjust, recover, and feel more comfortable being photographed with your little one.


Creativity and Personalization:

Time is your ally when it comes to planning the perfect photo session. By scheduling your session 40 days after birth, you'll have time to experiment with different clothing styles, accessories, and props, allowing you to personalize your photos in a way that represents your family and your newborn's unique personality. You can add some of your favorite collections, like hats, blankets, toys, or other items that portray your baby's personality.

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