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Sleeping Newborn

Celine Treviño's Feedback Page


Hello Celine!  We appreciate your being

a part of the Heart Productions Team



The session containing this video for the Irick Family produced a $32.89 tip on a $248.98 sale for a 16 % Tip %. The client bought the package on 7/11/2022

Spotlight Video

What we love about it

This family got a real treasure! A plethora of loving images and sounds to be remembered. The emotions, the sights and the sounds they can cherish for decades to come. Some of our favorite scenes include:


  • The husband and Grandma supporting mommy before the birth. T

  • Mom receiving the baby for the first time.  

  • The way the whole family spent time with the baby.

  • The priceless reactions by the baby's sister and brother when they met the baby for the first time. 

Awesome work!

Room for improvement

Our recommendation is to try to emulate this level of filming for birth sessions and to increase the amount of video footage when it comes to post partum videos, see below for some suggestions.

Customer Reviews

It was amazing, I forgot the photographer was even there and I loved the pictures

We couldn't believe how beautiful the movie came out! Great experience!

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